Agricultural operations are required to follow any applicable stormwater ordinances adopted by their municipality, though there are exemptions for agricultural activity that is performed in accordance with the requirements of the erosion and sediment control provisions of 25 PA Code Chapter 102. One key condition included in the state’s erosion control statute is that an agricultural operation have an agricultural Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (Ag E&S plan) or Conservation Plan. All farms are required to have a plan to cover activities such as plowing, tilling and no till crop rotations. Since 2010, farms have been required to address animal heavy use areas in their plans. Depending on the number of animals or how operators manage animal manure, a farm may be required to have a nutrient management plan that complies with the state’s Nutrient Management Act (Act 38 of 2005) or a manure management plan that complies with Chapter 91 (the state’s Clean Streams Law). Finally, mushroom farms, substrate processors and mushroom soil processors must have a Mushroom Farm Environmental Management Plan in place that meets the requirements of the state’s Solid Waste Management Act. All of thee plans are subject to ultimate DEP approval. Having these plans in place will keep farming operations in compliance while also providing the benefit of allowing an operation to receive some exemptions from municipal stormwater management requirements.