Reducing Water Usage in Your Home

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While water conservation reminders may make some people roll their eyes at the dullness or the need for expensive purchases, conserving water can also be in the form of a fun and creative family activity. We need creative solutions to save our most valuable natural resource. For example, a reward system could be set up with family and friends as a motivator to practice conservation techniques. Creating strategies to improve water management in your home is a great way for you to make a difference. The frequency of (and need for) handwashing has increased substantially due to the COVID-19 crisis. According to the CDC, simply turning the tap off while lathering your hands with soap can save water from being wasted and can improve your water bill. The table below presents tips to use in each aspect of your home.


An average individual can save up to 25 gallons per day by using water-saving techniques indoors. Remember that every drop saved is a penny in the bank. Simply creating awareness of our water usage can make a significant impact on our environment.

Content provided by:

Cori Trice
Watershed Coordinator
Chester County Conservation District