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Media (right-click to copy)Rain gardens
Oct. 2021
Is your home or yard constantly flooding? Try Planting a Rain garden!

Rain gardens are similar to ordinary gardens — except they’re dug deeper and incorporate a mixture of soil, sand, and compost. They act as a sponge to soak up excess water in your yard during rain storms. To find out more, visit or download this free app for tips on how to plant rain gardens!
Media (right-click to copy)Farmers
Oct. 2021
Attention all farmers!

Check out : A Farmer's Guide for Healthy Communities ( Guide AG farmer_guide.pdf) to learn more about what you can do to help to ensure clean water and healthy watersheds.

Also, check out
Media (right-click to copy)Lawn care
Oct. 2021
Healthy Lawn Care Practices [video]Be fertilizer and pesticide smart!

Check out this video with tips on greenscaping and how to keep your lawn environmentally friendly!
Media (right-click to copy)Small home projects
Oct. 2021
Thinking about remodeling your home?

Learn about stormwater requirements and best stormwater management practices to help protect your local streams.
Media (right-click to copy)Plant trees
Oct. 2021
Planting trees has been shown to not only reduce stormwater runoff, but also to reduce temperatures during summer months, improve air quality, sequester carbon, and add value to a property or neighborhood.

If you are thinking about planting trees around your home check out: